Why choose Electric Gates?

Security & Safety

Automated gates secure the perimeter of your property and generally tend to deter unwanted visitors. They secure cars and valuable possessions and show a clear boundary to your property. They also deter vandalism and car crime compared to unsecured driveways.

Children and pets are prevented from accidentally entering busy roads.

All gates have various safety options to prevent injury to people, animals and damage to vehicles but should never be considered a play area for anyone.

Welcome visitors can either buzz an intercom enter their key code or press their remote transmitter to gain access.

Status & Investment

A stylish entrance enhances any property, pleasing aesthetics and electric gates vastly improve the saleability of properties according to many estate agents. Generally, any investment in an automated gate system is easily recovered if you decide to sell a property in the future.

Convenience at a ‘Touch of a Button’

As you approach your property either press your transmitter fob or the existing HomeLink button in your car and your gates or maybe even your garage door both open to welcome you. No need to struggle opening them on a rainy winter’s night.

Imagine the peace of mind as you see your gates shut in your rear view mirror when leave your property.

There are many programmable options available for electric gates, automatic or timed opening and closure each designed to your specific requirements.