Video Processing Unit / Digital Video Recorder – Overview

The VPU/DVR is built on an embedded platform and combines the latest in advanced H.264 video encoding and decoding technologies maintaining solid reliability and high performance. A special feature allows you 1fps background recording switching to real-time on motion detect to extend recording if needed. Plus the VPU/DVR gives you 4 – 16 channel recording (25FPS @ CIF) and 16 channel simultaneous play back.

Other features include:

Live CCTV Images on your mobile using the latest Smart phones (Symbian, Windows, Blackberry and now IPhone), you can connect to the VPU/DVR using a mobile phone, see live images and even control PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

Remote Internet Monitoring

Connect from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop with free remote monitoring software supplied.

PTZ Control for the VPU/DVR can be used either locally or remotely as a method for the CCTV operator to control Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera system. This can be carried out using the DVR itself instead of a keypad, using the free client software on a PC and even a mobile phone.

Multi-Channel Playback

Playing back all 4 – 16 camera channels in real-time on the display at once, it’s easy to keep tabs on what happened where during the build up to the event.

2 Way Talkback
A built in 2-way audio channel allows a user to talk back to areas under surveillance using an external speaker or tannoy system.

Using the Client software supplied, this DVR can be networked so that any users in the business can monitor the CCTV images from anywhere on the computer network.

Easy Local and Remote Back-up
Video evidence can easily be backed up locally by the user to the on board DVD writer or to a USB flash stick. Using the remote Monitoring software, recorded files can be saved to a PC for remote back up.

Easy Set Up and Control
The VPU/DVR is supplied with a free mouse and a Remote Control handset for fast installation and operation.

Video Processing Unit / Digital Video Recorder


  • 4 – 16 Channel Real-Time Recording
  • Remote Internet Monitoring
  • Mobile Phone Monitoring
  • H264 Compression
  • Easy Mouse Control
  • 2 Way Talkback
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Motion Detect
  • Multi Channel Playback
  • On-Board DVD Writer Back Up
  • 4-Ch Audio