CCTV Camera – Overview

Most Cameras are now HD 1080P or 4K 2160p 5 Mega Pixel up to 12 Mega Pixel with 20 metres to 30 metres of Infra-Red night vision. HD 1080p and 4K cameras are also available without the need for infra-red at night. These camera’s intelligent electronics change the camera from colour mode to black and white mode and boost the resolution to reduce the night-time graininess associated with inferior products. Additional Infra-Red Lighting is not required therefore no bright spots and considerably reduces running costs.


The Dynamic Range of a camera is the difference between the darkest and brightest point of an image. In certain situations there will be a wide contrast between the two, such as a camera in a dimly lit pub or bar pointing towards a door or window on a brightly lit day. A camera with a wide dynamic range is able to use shadowing detail on the dark areas as well as handle the brighter objects.

The High Resolution Wide Dynamic Dome – Sees in the dark!

Camera – Features

  • 4K UHD & 1080P
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 5 Mega Pixel up to 12 Mega Pixel
  • 2.8-11mm Vari-focal
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Anti Vandal
  • Motion Detect
  • Privacy Masking
  • Camera Titles
  • 3D Axis
  • Weatherproof

Covert camera also available